Adobe indesign cs5.5 tutorial pdf free download

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Adobe indesign cs5.5 tutorial pdf free download

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To clarify: I turned off the centering kndesign the XML as you suggested. Overview Welcome to your livebooks editsuite. Add pictures to your poster I suppose another route would be to make multiple copies of bookscaler. What does it offer? I tried again. In fact it is probably safe to say he had brought this to a high art, as with his other adobe indesign cs5.5 tutorial pdf free download creations.

Adobe indesign cs5.5 tutorial pdf free download

A human More information. Am I supposed to load it up somewhere? Thank you so much! Make sure to check out the huge range of easy-to-adapt magazine templates over on Envato Elements and GraphicRiver. Once the file is loaded the scaler disappears. You are helping a lot of us big адрес This program helps you to enhance your oral presentation and keep the audience More information.


Adobe indesign cs5.5 tutorial pdf free download. adobe indesign cs5 tutorial pdf PDF,Doc ,Images


Help my business, and help me grow, and make more courses. A review, once you’re happy with the course, even if you’re not happy with it, feedback would be great. So, leave a review at any stage. Now, could be a good time, maybe later. Previous Next. For Merit certificates you will need to complete all your projects and pass the quiz before requesting your certificate. Good luck! Click Open. Click on the Fill Frame Proportionally button in the top control panel to size the image to the frame.

Make sure the image extends across the whole of the silhouette. Set individual characters in separate text frames to be able to have more freedom with how you place the type on the page. Set some of the text in [Paper] and some in your new swatch, Cream. Unlock all the layers in the Layers panel, then drag across Page 1 to select everything on the page.

Now we need to work out the width of the full length of the cover. This will depend on the width of the spine, which in turn will depend on the number of pages inside the book. You can find calculators online for working out the width of a spine depending on the page number and paper weight gsm , such as the Print on Demand calculator.

When you let go, the page width will remain at its new width. From the left-hand ruler pull out a guide to X position mm, to mark out the left edge of the spine. Return to the Layers panel and lock all layers except the Background Color layer. From the Swatches panel , click on the Blue Gradient swatch to select it, then click on the New Swatch button to duplicate it. Rename the swatch Blue Gradient Spine. Click OK to save your edits. Use the Rectangle Tool M to create a shape that extends across the spine, and up to the bleed on the top and bottom The gradient on this is a bit tighter, so the lighter tone will not extend too far away from the central part of the spine.

Create a second shape using the Rectangle Tool M , extending it over the whole of the back cover, up to the left edge of the spine, and up to the bleed on the top, left and bottom edges of the page. Set the Fill to Blue Gradient. Return to the Layers panel and lock the Background Color layer.

Unlock the next layer up, Graphics. Copy and Paste the cathedral vectors on the front cover, onto the back cover, and arrange them as shown below. You can switch up the fill image of the vectors too, if you like. Video tutorials cover the entire process from setting up the inDesign file to configuring the book scaler to setting up the HTML file to display your book.

The tutorials can be viewed in the YouTube play list below. All are recorded at p high definition, so use the full-screen viewing to see the fine details. For more information about my books and writing, see www. If you do find the bookscaler useful, consider purchasing one of my novels or the One Hour Guide to Self Publishing from your favorite online book retailer. Q: Where can I download the files? A: Download the files here. Usually, Adobe InDesign exports a flipbook swf file that has en empty first frame.

If that happens, open bookscaler. Hi Dave, Thanks for the tutorial, its a bit old but I thought I would add that there are alternatives to this in HTML5 now which are actually beating the crap out of the previous flash versions; check this one out for example:.

Hello Dave! Your tutorial is great and helped me a lot! Thank you so much! What should I do to activate it? Any help will be greatly appreciated! Thank you, Alice. I realize this is not a solution to your problem, and I apologize. Thanks for writing. I hate to disappoint. Thank you for your answer! Yes… you are so right about flash and everything else! Your tutorial is still the best option to work around for indesign swf. Thank you for sharing! However, I tried to embed the flipbook that I created in wordpress page.

I think it can not find the xml file. I believe it depends on what version of WordPress you are using —. If you are using. Unfortunately, InDesign only exports flip books to Flash. Thank you very much for sharing this wonderful application and for taking the time to create the excellent tutorials. I just like to ask if a work around exists for hyperlinks within the swf that fall behind the drag area.

Unfortunately not. Without access to the actual flash source, you pretty much have to live with what InDesign gives you.

In this case, I was able to use actionscript to draw a dragbar rectangle but it is, by nature, on top of the content. Those functions are not accessible to outside code.

Too bad. I spent a lot of time trying to make that happen. Hi Dave, Thank you so much for the easy to understand tutorial. However, I am stuck! I modified the bookScaler.

What am I doing wrong? Am I supposed to load it up somewhere? Thank sin advance! If you want, toss out the one that comes with the archive and then make sure your new, exported one lands in the right place. Hi Dave, fantastic tutorial and code! I think the problem has more to do with loading the flipBook as full frame inside the iFrame.

Maybe you can have full screen mocde jump to a new window sans iFrame? Hi Dave, love your work! I posted in an ebook thread, but wanted to repost here.

We have incorporated your flipbook code and it is working well. Is this possible through either actionscript or another means that is open source? Thanks for your reply, I appreciate it! Any pointers? I may need a little time. The xml file has the correct source and everything. What am I missing? You have some garbage characters at the beginning of your XML file before the XML declaration, at the very beginning of the document.

Hi Dave, Thank you for the great flip-page control. I have one issue and after reviewing some other posts I see others have the same problem which I do not believe has been resolved.

If I reload the webpage the bookscaler toolbar appears along the bottom as it should. I would like the toolbar to be always visible. Is there any workaround to this issue. I am using version 7 and am completely aware that this is a work with continual improvements. Thanks again and I look forward to any suggestions. Is there any way, when the flip book is launched, that it goes straight to the first two page spread i. Set the visible property to false where the positioning of the navbar gets set up.

All the code is commented. Dear Dave, Congratulations on the tutorial. I want to know how can I send the flipbook by email and which file.

The scalebar works properly on my computer but I want that everybody could recieve the magazine in the way I am seeing it. The best way to send the flipbook is to post it on a web server and then email out the link. I just wondered whether it was possible to change the orientation of the flip? Rotate that 90 degrees and the book should open like a chart book. For now I will remove it altogether, but any help in this would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks again. You could theoretically write an asctionScript that applied the dropShadow or not depending on the frame number of the flipbook SWF. Ah, sounds good but I have no action scripting skills since I gave them up at AS1! If anyone reading this feels inspired to write the script it would make an awesome addition. Thanks for your quick reply, and again for all your hard work on this, it has been so helpful.

Dave, Thank you so much for sharing this. Hi Dave, this is a great tutorial. But I have a problem from the start! My flipbook — portfolio has an enormous size, 28 mb — it contains a lots of raster images like photos. And due to that, my flipbook loads really long on my www. If you have any advice, I will be grateful! Also, think about what size your flipbook is relative to the size of a screen.

Of course, scaling bitmaps is always hit and miss. Hi Dave! I have a question about the swf it loads. The audio there worked fine. Hello Dave, Thanks for all that you have done and setup! Great stuff! I have a question about the controls it shows for a moment when the page is loading but after loading it panel it does not show up until I clicked the maximize screen button…or pull the window open.

Is there a line of code in the flash doc I could change for this? I thought I had that bug fixed! It shows up extremely intermittently. I have some workarounds in mind that involve setting a timer to check intermittently what the position of the control bar is relative to the screen. Thanks for kindly posting all of this great information!

Your tutorials are refreshingly clear and your supporting files worked perfectly. All the best. I always enjoy seeing what people do with the book scaler. Thanks so much for the tutorial. I watched the steps again and am still getting the same result. Flattery out of the way :- , I have uploaded my files for you to have a look at, should you find the time to do so. I feel it would be such a waste not to solve this. You are probably missing the swfObject. Try re-downloading the whole collection of files and then drop in your own flipbook.

It sounds like something simple. I have changed a navigation design and try to re-complie file create new. And flash show message as follow:. Sounds like you deleted some of the nav buttons. Or, find their instance names in the script and add. Hi, First of all, great tutorial! I am new in indesign, and i have a problem when trying to export the swf file. I started with a pdf of pages.

Is there anything I can do about this? You have a number of things working against you here. Second, your file contains a huge number of pages. If you have Acrobat not just the reader, but the Acrobat application , try splitting your PDF into smaller pieces and see if you get any better results. Otherwise, check indesignsecrets. The missing piece here is the original document Quark?

If you can get the original text set up in Indesign, you will at least have eliminated a pile of frustrating variables. Hi Dave, I downloaded the 7th version of the flipbook scaler and I am trying to use it with url linked video from InDesign.


Adobe indesign cs5.5 tutorial pdf free download


Help my business, and help me grow, and make more courses. A review, once you’re happy with the course, even if you’re not happy with it, feedback would be great.

So, leave a review at any stage. Now, could be a good time, maybe later. Previous Next. For Merit certificates you will need to complete all your projects and pass the quiz before requesting your certificate. Good luck! Adobe dreamweaver cs6 revealed windows server datacenter edition free student license code acdsee ms word tutorial pdf bahasa indonesia cs5.

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