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Ballance PC Download Full Version For Windows 7. Ballance is a Microsoft Windows 3D puzzle video game. It was created by the German studio Cyparade. In , Atari, Inc., Atari Europe S.A.S.U., 1C Company publishes Ballance on Windows. This action and puzzle game is now abandonware and is set in a.

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The number of remaining lives you have left also affects your level score. The visuals in Ballance are, quite simply, heavenly. The complicated structures rise magnificently into the clouds, separating you from mundane realities below. Each feature, from the checkpoints to the life and point extras, is portrayed in exquisite detail: at each checkpoint, you see pink flames on the sides that flip to the center once you pass; and the life and point extras are beautiful luminescent orbs.

The balls you roll around are amazing, as you can see every bump in the stone balls, every scrap of paper in the paper balls, and every grain in the wood balls.

The transformers are wonderful to behold, sucking the ball in, ejecting its old surface and breaking it up into small pieces, and lastly replacing it with a new skin.

Some things you see are apparently just for aesthetic purposes, such as glistening domes you bounce into. The structures themselves are both majestic and multifaceted, with innovative architectural design behind every turn. The net result is a magical fantasy atmosphere, totally enveloping you in the play experience.

Regardless of the resolution, the lighting and shadowing effects are particularly impressive. Although Ballance does not contain every graphical bell-and-whistle present in the latest crop of first-person shooters, what is here is head-and-shoulders above anything I have seen before in its genre. Ballance uses both the keyboard and the mouse. You navigate the ball with the keyboard, using the arrow keys forward, backward, left, and right.

You may reconfigure the keyboard settings if you wish. To change your viewpoint, you hold down the left shift key and press the left or right arrow keys to rotate everything 90 degrees in either direction. To get a broader sense of the surrounding environment, you may press the spacebar there is no ability otherwise to zoom in or out.

The control is so tight that it turns out that, contrary to my initial expectations, the keyboard is the perfect input device, far more precise than either a mouse or a gamepad could be. This is the type of offering where any kind of lag or looseness in the input system would absolutely ruin the gameplay, but fortunately such is not at all the case. The menu system, navigated by the mouse, is both elegant and parsimonious.

The play screen is similarly well laid out and easy to interpret. If any game can put you in a sense of detached euphoric grace, it is Ballance. As you progress, the excitement and intensity becomes overwhelming. The developers are always fair in the way the design unfolds: For example, after a particularly tricky passage you almost always find a checkpoint, so you know you will not have to get through it again; and before such a treacherous section, you may often find a life extra to give you an additional boost.

The designers must have spent a lot of time devising ingenious challenges and avoiding the tendency just to repeat the same kind of predicament you had seen before. Certain precautions become evident very quickly. You should always try to get a visual overview and analyze the situation before proceeding ahead. You also need to rotate your perspective frequently to determine the best viewing angle; for example, if you need to make a jump between two platforms, a side view is usually best.

Lastly, you should never get the ball running full speed unless you have a clear idea of what is ahead. When you finally make it through a level, the last balloon-lifted platform floats away, and you feel such a sense of elation that you want to jump in the air with glee. The sound effects in Ballance are absolutely outstanding.

This title is full of fantastic eerie electronically generated sound effects no vocal effects are present. Each noise is delectable, perfectly suited to the action and visuals accompanying it. The sounds are so aurally satisfying that I find myself repeatedly looking forward in anticipation to taking an action just to hear the accompanying audio. Although there is no audible implementation of 3D hardware sound, after playing a while you really begin to feel as if you are there up in the clouds.

The music comes in fits and starts, but boy is it ever well suited to the action. Gameplay is a hardcore puzzle game where you must activate platforms, overcome traps, move objects to clear a path, interact with various mechanisms, and more.

The game features three types of robot balls, each with their own features. All spheres are represented not only by individual appearance, but also by different weights, which significantly affects the gameplay and movement pattern.

Your task is to get on different levels to the door, which will be able to transfer to another location. Interact with different devices and hack them along the way. MyAbandonware More than old games to download for free! Browse By Developer Cyparade Perspective Bird’s-eye view. Download MB. Description of Ballance In , Atari, Inc. Captures and Snapshots Windows.

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In , Atari, Inc., Atari Europe S.A.S.U., 1C Company publishes Ballance on Windows. This action and puzzle game is now abandonware and is set in a. Ballance full game for PC, ☆rating: , released date: , developer: Cyparade, Download Here Free Size: MB, file: torrent. Ballance is a 3D puzzle video game for Microsoft Windows. It was developed by German studio Cyparade, published by Atari and first released.


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