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Optimize windows 10 slow computer free download

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It scans your computer and displays all the issues, if present. You can either run a Quick analysis takes less time or a Deep analysis takes minutes based on PC issues and data. Fix the issues directly from the dashboard.

Either choose one click solution to run all tools at a time, or run them separately. The PC Accelerator tool lets you recover and defragment system memory and optimize internet settings.

You can also use it to run security and overview scans on your computer and then fix the detected errors. It lets you run scans for System cluster, Registry cleaner, Memory defrag, Processor optimization, and Memory optimization.

Few features of this software have been disabled for free version. To use them, you will have to buy the paid version. PC Brother System Maintenance Free is another good software to fix the problem of a computer running slow.

One click optimization tool is available, which provides a quick fix by scanning whole computer. You also get custom select option to choose from various optimization tools, which include performance, appearance, etc.

The Security option available lets you check for system updates and manage antivirus programs. Manage autorun programs , processes, services, and connections in the Tools tab. All these tools can help you gain good PC performance. System Optimize Expert lets you use a bunch of tools to optimize PC and increase computer speed.

One of the options lets you scan your computer for issues, then fixes them. The scan option performs the following actions: Registry cleanup, privacy sweep, junk files removal, and system optimization. For every section, the number of problems detected in displayed. The best part about it is that, it creates restore point, and restores data if something important was accidentally deleted. Other tools let you access Control panel, manage Auto shutdown, use Disk cleaner, Clean cloned files, Manage startup programs, and use File pulverizer permanently delete files.

Make your PC fast by using Angular Cleaner. After scan, number of issues are displayed in following categories: Registry errors, Internet browser files, and Junk files. Following tools in the expert mode can be used for optimization of PC: Registry edit, Disk defragmenter, Backup, System restore , and Group policies edit. PowerBooster Free is a free version of paid software PowerBooster. Even though its a free version, the tools available are ample to give your computer a boost.

It has options to scan your PC for errors, junk files, and optimization. There are 3 tabs, which serve different purposes to speed up computer. Cleanup Assistant has a large set of free tools to fix slow computer. You can monitor all PC activity and performance on the home screen of this freeware. You can also manage startup programs from here. The cleanup tools let you clean disk, trash, duplicate files, empty folders , and remove programs. File shredder option is also available.

Wise Care provides PC checkup and maintenance options and also lets you monitor the performance while you cleanup PC. This free software to speedup computer comes with a set of optimization tools. Scan whole computer or select areas and programs to scan, manually. These tools are available in various tabs:. Some of the options are not free and you will have to buy the Pro version to be able to use them.

With JetClean , you can increase computer speed easily either by using 1 click option or by using a set of tools. Other Tools let you view system info, uninstall programs, optimize startup programs, defrag registry, boost internet, and boost performance.

The options available let you speed up and clean out computer and manage autostart. The first option scans your computer for errors and unnecessary files, then fix them. Manage autostart option lets you view and manage the programs that auto start with computer. It can be done for single user account or multiple user accounts. System Ninja is a multipurpose software which lets you scan junk files, access system tools, and analyze PC.

Junk file cleaner finds unwanted files that take up space on your computer and deletes them. You can choose what files need to be scanned among: temporary files, torrent tags, incompatible files, caches, Windows logs, memory dumps, recent files, malicious junks , etc. System tools let you access startup manager, uninstall programs, and manage running processes. Sys Optimizer lets you work with a faster PC by cleaning internet files, system files , and software temp file. Perform scan to find useless files then delete them from your system.

You can also uninstall programs, and manage services and processes. The software displays system and hard disk status at the bottom of the interface. After detecting useless and junk files, you can easily delete them.

Data from all the installed browsers can be deleted. System tweak, secure deletion, and shortcut fixer are other important tools that you can use for a faster PC.

SBCleaner Free Edition has system cleaning tools and other useful system tools to help you speedup computer. RAM Cleaner can be found in Cleaner tab, which has other cleanup tools too: System cleaner, Drive cleaner, Junk file cleaner, Duplicate file finder, and Empty folder finder. File and Folder shredder are available in the Privacy tab.

DrivePurge lets you analyze and cleanup your system to make it healthy and fast. Use system cleanup, drive cleanup, and user tracks cleanup tools. These tools let you carry out various operations. Soft Cleaner , like other PC optimizer software, analyzes files then cleans up the junk. It goes to the core of your computer to take a look at Temp internet files, Internet explorer files, Microsoft feed cache, Media player cache, System recent cache, MS Office recent cache, Macromedia flash temp files, System local temp files, System general temp files, Memory dumps, and Windows log.

All internet browsers like: Firefox, Chrome, Opera, and Safari can be cleaned as well. Make computer faster with Your Cleaner. You can perform Full or Fast scans. Fast scan looks at only the essential areas to be cleaned. It lets you remove junk files and useless files from various sectors of your PC. The tools are divided into various sections, which can be accessed through the following tabs:. OSHI Cleaner is a good fix for slow computer. Like other software, it also cleans up unwanted junk from your PC to make it work faster.

The Quick Clean option lets you do one click scan on your computer. After scan, all the useless files are displayed, which you can selectively delete. You can also separately choose various sectors to scan, then clear them; this includes disk, registry, startup programs, etc. You can also uninstall unwanted programs from here.

FCleaner lets you cleanup PC, uninstall unwanted programs, manage startup programs, and access various other tools to solve computer running slow problem. To make additional space, the cleanup tool lets you clean Windows files, internet browser files, application plugins, etc. Now another set of tools let you Empty recycle bin, clean memory dump, clean temp files, clear Windows log files, and much more.

Argente Utilities is a free tool to optimize PC for faster experience. This software has maintenance tools, optimization tools, privacy tools, and other miscellaneous tools to make PC fast. You can either choose one click maintenance to scan whole computer at a time, or use different tools separately.

You can scan and clean Registry, Disk, Privacy options, etc. You can also manage startup programs and access process manager. Uninstaller lets you uninstall unwanted programs directly from the software.

Xleaner takes care of slow PC through various cleaner and optimization tools. You can scan and clean all PC at a time or make use of custom cleaning options. It also lets you manage software plug-ins, add-ons , etc. The junk which can be cleaned are displayed, which you can selectively delete to clean PC and make PC faster. PrivaZer scans your computer for unwanted files and deletes them to speed up computer.

You can either perform an in-depth scan or separately look for files related to internet activities, old files, software, registry, USB history, and recycle bin. Multi-Process Killer lets you speedup computer by killing multiple processes at a time. You can view the running processes and select multiple unwanted processes to stop them immediately. It also lets you change process refresh rate. UPCleaner is a simple and useful PC maintenance utility to clean computer and make computer fast.

It features a Notification option, which notifies you when CPU usage is high, when browser temp files take too much space , etc. Notifications can be turned off as well for different alerts. It can scan entire system, looking for junk.

It looks for temp files, system cache, system files, log files, recycle bin files, internet browser files, registry, etc. You can also run memory cleanup utility, manage startup programs, boost internet, boost system , etc. UnCleaner is a very simple system cleaner to speed up PC. You simply have to scan your computer and it displays if your PC is in a good condition or bad, total size of unused files, number of unused files, number of unused folders, etc.

It scans and cleans the following areas: Windows update files, log files, temp files, browser data, etc. Remo MORE can help you speed up computer by managing, optimizing, recovering, and enhancing it.

It scans your computer to find junk files, registry errors, shortcut errors, internet issue, PC history, trash files, and program issues.

Using the tools available in this software, you can drive defrag, manage shutdown timing, wipe data, compress data, recover files, backup, restore, enhance startup, and enhance internet speed. MindStick Cleaner lets you scan and clean Windows files and application files from your computer, making it work faster.

It can clean temp files, clipboard, Windows log files, fonts cache, recent documents, taskbar jump list, IE files, etc. WinUtilities Free Memory Optimizer displays overall memory stats of your computer through a graph. It optimizes PC performance to fix slow computer. Once you clean your system, the changes can be seen through the graph. Optimization option scans whole computer for junk files and removes them. This software works really well if you are facing a problem of computer running slow.

You can also manage startup programs here. Turbo Boost option is a 1 click solution, which stops various unwanted processes and clears unwanted files. You can turn on Turbo Boost, accelerate Windows startup, perform deep optimization, and cleanup PC by scanning junk files and removing them. AntiSpy takes care of telemetry, folder sharing, remote access and update settings while Win10 Privacy Control enables users to disable location services, cloud syncing, Cortana and many other privacy-relevant features.

Not only will this help you protect your privacy but it’ll also conserve precious system resources. Now you get to decide which privileges each application gets, how Windows Update behaves, and whether your PC can be tracked or Cortana can listen in.

You can also specify whether Windows can sync your passwords, enable or disable OneDrive, and opt in or out of personalized ads. When deleting sensitive data, it is essential that the files in question cannot be recovered. File Wiper eliminates files permanently and renders them irrecoverable, even for special data recovery tools. We test and develop our free software to the same rigorous standards as our paid products.

This means you’ll receive timely software updates in the event of Windows updates or bugs. We firmly believe good software should not be a question of money! That’s why we offer free or highly affordable versions of our programs that offer essential core features and paid versions that boast extensive feature sets. If you just need basic features, make sure to check out our dedicated freeware section!

You can additionally defragment your Registry, uninstall applications with ease, and configure right-click menus. Track down resource hogs and manage installed fonts.

Undo modifications through the backup system or limit specific user rights. Manage administrative shares and remote access and make your system a little more secure with every click! Optimize your machine for maximum performance free of charge! Log in Existing account: Log in. Who is Ashampoo? Free download. Overview Screenshots Languages Requirements. Does your Windows feel too slow? Eliminate web browsing traces More privacy, more disk space, less clutter at the click of a button Internet Cleaner eliminates junk files created during web browsing or downloads.

More OS and hardware details Get a complete picture of your hard and software Ashampoo WinOptimizer FREE comes with extensive analytical capabilities that include not only disk space usage but also system and hard disk benchmarks to determine system, processor and HDD performance.



Optimize windows 10 slow computer free download. Windows Apps for Maintenance & Optimization


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Windows Windows. Most Popular. New Releases. Desktop Enhancements. Networking Software. Software Coupons. CCleaner Free. Keep your PC running smoothly with simple and advanced tools for all level of users.

System Mechanic Trial Free. Fix errors, clean your PC and speed up Windows. Recover your files from a crashed or virus-corrupted hard drive. Advanced SystemCare Free Free. Unlock full PC potential with accelerating, optimizing, cleaning, and shielding diagnostics and one-click-fix maintenance.

Glary Utilities Free. Clean and fix the registry of your computer and optimize its speed and performance. PC Decrapifier Free. Remove unwanted software from your PC. Wise Care Free. Razer Cortex Free. Optimize your PC for smoother and more responsive gameing experience.

TuneUp Utilities Free to try. Here are a couple of things you may want to consider putting some money into:. If your computer is experiencing particularly slow speeds when you use the internet, it could simply be that your browser has become a bit clogged up. To solve this issue quickly, simply try closing down your browser and restarting it.

This may be enough to give the browser a refresh and get your internet back up to full speed. If pages are loading sluggishly, you may also want to install an adblocker such as Adblock Plus and a tracker blocking extensions such as Privacy Badger or uBlock Origin. To keep your browser working as efficiently and quickly as possible, you will also want to check that it is up-to-date. If all else fails, you could decide to uninstall and re-install your browser to give it a fresh start.

Alternatively, you may want to try removing the cookies and clearing the cache in your browser to see if this helps to speed things up. Anybody who is accustomed to running their browser with ten or more tabs open will likely be experiencing some sluggishness.

This is because all of those tabs require RAM, and your computer will allocate more resources each time you open a new tab. Also check for any additional Windows that may be running behind your primary browser window, as these could have multiple tabs in them that are causing your computer to grind to a halt. Everybody needs a solid antivirus program to ensure they do not accidentally download malware or end up infected with other malicious infections.

A reliable antivirus will run in the background at all times, and will even scan incoming files in real-time. This will ensure you never let anything nasty onto your laptop, so it is important to use one. This means that if your laptop is a little low on processing power, the antivirus could be sapping away too much raw power.

As a result, you may find that it is causing your laptop to come to a grinding halt. If you are using an antivirus that is known to eat up system resources, you may want to try something else. For more information on the best antiviruses to use, check out our antivirus reviews.

How you use your computer can potentially affect the speed at which your machine is running. To help you out we have included a few additional tips below:. The answer to this question is yes. Unfortunately, not all VPNs are fast and if you are using a substandard service with slow servers and inferior apps, it could cause your internet speeds to come to a grinding halt.

VPNs require system resources to encrypt and decrypt data coming and going from your PC. Of course, when pages start loading slowly, and it becomes impossible to use the internet, it is easy to simply blame your computer or assume you have become infected with a virus. In reality, it is worth checking to see how your VPN is affecting your internet speeds. Some VPNs have been known to slow down their user’s internet by 95 percent.

Understandably, that makes the computer feel like it is broken. And failing that, it may be time to quit your current VPN and get a subscription with one of the world’s fastest VPNs instead. If your laptop is still slow after trying the above tips, you may need to take more drastic measures.

Some potential options include:. Reinstall your operating system : This will erase all of your files, programs, and settings. It should only be considered as a last resort. Replace your laptop : If your laptop is old or underpowered, it may be time for an upgrade. A new laptop can significantly improve performance. The best tutorial out there! Spent all day following these steps on a 6 year old laptop that was basically useless.

Doing a final defrag after putting it through the ringer all day — but already am able to open files and browse with minimal lagging. Thank you! Thanks a million, I was at a point where I felt like breaking the whole laptop and smashing it to pieces and throw it away. Your explanation has made me save my laptop. Great article with great tips. Here are the step-by-step instructions someone like me needs to keep things running smoothly.

Thanks Comparitech! AMD driver. I tried manual installing from official websites. The problem is ,screen freezing for a second at a regular intervals of 5 seconds. When i disable the display driver, it works normally, but with no brightness option. Pls help!!!

Thanks for going to the trouble of putting all of this up for free, Comparitech. Has gotten a bit of extra speed out of my laptop! Super helpful tips! My laptop is now faster in Great post and very informative booting up and usage. Yes, it really works. Guys if your laptop heats up, even that causes it to lag and you can fix it very easily… Just spend some money and purchase a laptop cooling pad and look at the results….

CAUSE will automatically slow down if the get too hot and that could contribute to speed problems. Thank you to whoever wrote this help guide. This actually works! I bought my Asus laptop 3 years ago and then I forgot my login password.

So I took back to the shop to get fixed, 5 hours before my flight. Since then, it got so slow. I need an hour to let it warm up before I can use it. So I followed this guide and man, I can now multitask and no more waiting time before I could use it.

My wife threw her hands up and went back to her old laptop. She gave me the new one to replace my dead 6 year old laptop, which was faster. There may be some items here that can help. A laptop might be slow after purchase due to updates on the operating system, antivirus software, and other applications.

This could be happening for a number of reasons. Thanks so much for the advice. My laptop is already running more smoothly and I have a better understanding of what to do on a regular basis to keep it that way.

Great tips.. Thanks for making it easy to understand and follow. Most laptops have default settings that cause them to run slower when not plugged in, to conserve the battery life. To change this, check out section 6 above on adjusting your power options. Good explanations. Thank you. It can be tricky to decide on which programs to install. Avoid deleting anything that is obviously associated with your hardware or operating system.

If there are programs you are unsure about, try typing the name in a search engine to see what they are. This may jog your memory about a program you installed in the past but no longer need. What a really great easy to use tutorial. No 11 significantly sped up my laptop. I was too chicken to try to disable Cortana! Great tips, my laptop performance has improved.

Also steps are well explained and easy to follow. Is there a discount code that I should be using? Great article for sure! I cannot wait to implement some of these ideas. Did you click the link in the article? If so, you should see an automatically discounted price for System Mechanic.

This was so helpful. I used a bunch of the suggestions made throughout the article and it helped speed up my laptop. Amazing article. It really has helped my PC to speed up. Most likely getting rid of Cortana has made the biggest improvement. Thank you for the screen shots helps me being an older user lol always unsure as to what to or not to remove. Thanks for all the screen grabs! Made it much easier to grasp and locate where to navigate to and accomplish the various tasks.

Good explanation. Extremely useful my laptop was getting very slow. I had already done a few of your suggested solutions, but working through one item at the time has taken my laptop from nearly unusable to being like new. Excellent article reminding me of some features I have used in the past and introducing some new key functions.

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